The Springs at Santa Rita HOA
951 W Via Rio Fuerte
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Phone:  520-648-1699
Fax:  520-648-1699

The Springs HOA - Committees

Volunteers are welcome to join one of the committees listed below:

Architectural Review - Responsible for approving any additions or changes to the exterior of homeowner properties.

By-laws and Elections - Responsible for reviewing by-laws and supervising association elections.

Finance Audits Association books.  Includes Reserve Committee

Grounds - Responsible for maintaining all of the common areas.

Grounds Committee purpose is to develop a grounds maintenance policy and /or standards for caretaking common grounds.  The committee, working under the guidance of the Grounds Chairman will take input from interested homeowners and other sources.

Newsletter - Responsible for Association communications including newsletter and website.

Community Events - Potlucks, Happy Hour on the Fiesta Deck, newcomer welcome and special events.

Streets, Buildings, & Utilities - Responsible for street pavement, signage, HOA structures (e.g. the entrance gate and maintenance shed), street lights, sidewalks, and perimeter fences.

Neighborhood Watch – Comprised of Block Captains serving as extra eyes and ears for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, responsible for helping in case of an emergency, and for maintaining communication links with Springs neighbors.

Light bulbs - Help with the replacement of the light bulbs.

Holiday Decorations - Help with putting up holiday decorations.

Weed and Sidewalk Overhang Committee - Check for weed growing in the neighborhood.

Audit Committee

Grounds Long-Term Planning & Design Committee


Committee chairs are listed on the Board of Directors page along with position descriptions where applicable.  Some of the committees need chairs volunteers.  Please contact the Board if you are interested in helping on any of these committees.